Physical Security Assessments

15.10.20 03:29 PM By Ermin - Comment(s)

Physical Security can be defined as combination of physical and procedural processes that are designed to minimized the risks and secure your people, sensitive information and valuable assets. Deterring, Detecting, Delaying, Responding and Recovering are some of the essential features of any reliabl...

WIFI Assessments

09.09.20 04:18 PM By Ermin - Comment(s)

An organization equipped with Wi-Fi LANs enables the employees to be as mobile as possible, but with the cost of increased difficulty in planning and troubleshooting the infrastructure. 

Annexus Technologies is committed to offering our enhanced services designed to provide you a safe and reliab...

Social Engineering Assessment

01.09.20 12:07 AM By Dwayne - Comment(s)

Social engineering attacks are common yet a very deceptive way of accessing someone's personal information. In this kind of cyber attack, the attackers entice users into providing their login credentials or other sensitive information.

For more than a decade, the most commong source of social enginee...

Disaster Recovery Solutions 

25.08.20 02:22 AM By Dwayne - Comment(s)


Annexus Technologies provides you with an effective disaster recovery solution to improve business continuity. Our solutions help you recover your system, data and applications when a mishap occurs. It could be a natural disaster or power outage,...

Intrusion Prevention Assessments 

25.08.20 02:11 AM By Dwayne - Comment(s)

We, at Annexus, provide expertise you need to counter any software related challenges that may come your way.

Committed to provide you a universe of solutions to tackle both known and unknown threats, we believe, it is of paramount importance to understand all the delicate network requirements, segme...