Support Services

With proven, reliable methods and processes in place, we are introducing Ad-hoc, Standard, Advanced, and Premium Support Services to meet our team of highly trained and skilled professionals.

We at Annexus, a company that provides I.T. Support Services in Jamaica believe it is paramount to understand your business requirements and take care of all complications at your end. Our dedicated team of experts works with you to build the value you are looking for.

Our support team can provide you with a free 1-hour session for initial engagement. So let us be your first choice when you search for an I.T. Support Services Near Me in Jamaica, the UK, Canada, Caribbean, and the USA.
Standard Support

Standard Support: 
8 hrs x 5 days
9 am to 5 pm
4-hr response 

Advanced Support

Advanced Support: 
​12 hrs x 5 days
9 am to 9 pm
2-hr response time

Premium Support

Premium Support:
​24 hrs x 7 days
1-hr response time