Annexus Technologies is an  I.T. company based on the principles of customer satisfaction. I.T.  has become a complex world, where customers often know what they want—but not how to achieve it. 

Annexus understands the needs of our customers. We pride ourselves in the assessment of our customers’ pain points. With our team of highly skilled professionals, we provide I.T. solutions that not only meet these requirement, but also are scalable and sustainable. 

With our strategic partners and highly trained technical and support staff, Annexus Technologies can design, implement, project manage, and support the numerous products, services, and solutions that we offer. With expertise in diverse technologies that govern our industry, Annexus has proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with: virtualization technology, security and surveillance technologies, structured cabling, Server & SAN Technologies, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions, and more. 

These values are entrenched in the company's Mission and Vision Statements. We are Annexus Technologies; with our innovation, highly skilled staff, superior customer experience and great enthusiasm, we will become the best I.T.  Company in the region! The limit was never the sky..! 

Mission   Statement

To create a world where I.T. is ubiquitous; where we utilize technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of modern tasks. We, at Annexus Technologies, will continually invest in our human resources to ensure that we acquire and retain the best professionals. With this highly skilled workforce, we will utilize our value added skills to design, implement, and support the products and solutions we carry to ensure that we meet or exceed our customers' expectations by delivering bleeding edge solutions with lower TCO and improved ROI.

Vision  Statement

Through innovation, attention to detail, superior customer experience, and a zealous heart--we will make Annexus Technologies the best and largest I.T. conglomerate of the near and distant future...


Network Assessment

Network Assessments help our clients determine their I.T. infrastructure's compliance to best practices and policies and/or readiness to support: a new technology, application, architecture, or solution. This allows our customers to:

+ Reduce deployment costs and adoption delays

+ Improve their operations team's ability to support what is being introduced

+ More effectively budget by accurately identifying incremental investment requirements

Network Intrusion Assessment

A Network Intrusion Assessment is an approach to detect, assess, and prevent further intrusions of distributed intrusions in a computer network. 

With our clients' written consent, Annexus Technologies will attempt to infiltrate their  I.T. Infrastructure. This Assessment includes brute force attacks, vulnerability exploits, social engineering, among other methods. 

Upon completion, Annexus will generate a detailed report highlighting all the vulnerabilities (if any) of the clients' environment, as well as corrective measures. 

This will aid our clients in protecting themselves against unknown attacks, hence safe guarding their systems and most importantly--their data. We aim to provide our customers with a better peace of mind...

Compliance Report Generation

With our diverse knowledge of the numerous standards that govern the I.T.  Industry, Annexus Technologies will assess your I.T. Infrastructure and provide a detailed report of our findings, as well as the appropriate standards that govern them. 

These reports are to assist our clients in understanding what they have and how their infrastructure complies with international standards.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

With our strategic partners, Annexus Technologies offers Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions for all types of applications: Tier-1, Tier-2, & Tier-3. 

By providing High Availability, Fault Tolerance, Near-Sync Replication, among other innovative and intuitive features, our clients can be satisfied that their critical applications with their priceless data isn't lost. We got you covered..!

Data Center Design

Annexus’ team has done numerous datacenter designs that meet the rigorous international standards that governs the industry. 

Annexus Technologies can design a solution that meets our clients’ strategic objectives: enterprise switching, routing, virtualization, cloud services, raised floor, structured cabling, access control, video surveillance, precision power, and critical cooling.

I.T. Implementations

Annexus Technologies believes in quality service. As such, we pride ourselves in having trained personnel with the critical skills required to meet our clients’ needs. 

With Cisco Certified Engineers, Microsoft Certified Engineers, Ethical Hackers, and VMware Engineers, Annexus will assure you that our clients’ problems are OUR problems! 

We do all the heavy lifting; whatever it takes to get the job done..!

I.T. Consultations

Annexus Technologies offers consultative services for the wide range of solutions that we offer: virtualization solutions, security (video surveillance and access control), application requirements documentation, high-level solutions (Servers, SANs, Networks). 

With our highly trained and skilled team of professionals, Annexus Technologies can assist our clients in meeting their strategic goals while keeping an eye on their bottom line. From beginning to end, we guide our clients to ensure that they meet their strategic goals..!

Desktop Virtualization Solutions

The replacement for desktop computers is no longer a dream—it is a reality..! What could possibly replace the ubiquitous desktop..? The answer—any mobile device... 

With the introduction of Desktop/Application Virtualization Solutions like VMware Horizon and WorkSpace One, Annexus can turn your portable device (tablet/smartphone) into the perfect desktop. With mobile devices, our clients can reduce their power and cooling requirements, while improving the desktop and application management and migrations. 

With our team of skilled engineers, Annexus can design, supply, implement and support our proposed Desktop Virtualization Solutions. Let us help you lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), while improving your Return on Investment (ROI).





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