Annexus Technologies is a multinational I.T. Solutions Company headquartered in Jamaica based on the principles of Client Satisfaction and Core Analysis.        

Today, I.T. has become a complex world, where customers often know what they want—but not how to achieve it. We understand the needs of our clients. As such, we pride ourselves in the Assessment of our clients’ pain points. With our team of highly skilled professionals, we provide I.T. Managed Services and Solutions that not only meet this requirement but also extend services that are scalable and sustainable from a business perspective.

With our strategic partners and highly trained technical and support staff, Annexus Technologies can design, implement, project-manage, and support the numerous products, services, and solutions that we offer. With expertise in diverse technologies that govern our industry, Annexus has proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with: Virtualization Technologies, Security and Video Surveillance Technologies, Structured Cabling, Server & SAN Technologies, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions, and much more..!

These values are entrenched in the company's Mission and Vision Statements. We are Annexus Technologies; with our innovation, highly skilled staff, superior customer experience, and great enthusiasm, we will become the best I.T. Company in the region!

The limit was never the sky for us, it has always been to become one of the most reliable I.T. Support Companies in the world!  Are you interested and looking to revamp your company’s I.T. infrastructure and produce effective outcomes? 

The services we provide are efficiently researched and managed. We shall first discuss everything with you via an Initial Discovery Call. This will allow us to educate our prospective client on our respective services. Additionally, this enables us to understand their desired results, so we can accurately gauge our efforts and commitment(s). 

The problem with most businesses is understanding and budgeting. Therefore, our focus is to stay transparent and enhance the clients' present capabilities to strengthen future success! When our clients grow; we grow also!

So, if your business is based out of Jamaica, Canada, Caribbean, UK or the USA, stop asking the Internet for the best I.T. Support Companies Near me and contact us ASAP.        


To create a world where I.T. is ubiquitous; where we utilize technologies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of modern tasks. 

We, at Annexus Technologies, will continually invest in our human capital to ensure that we acquire and retain the best professionals. 

With this highly skilled workforce, we will utilize our value added skills to design, implement, and support the products and solutions we carry to ensure that we meet or exceed our clients' expectations by delivering bleeding edge solutions with lower TCO and improved ROI.


Through innovation, attention to detail, superior client experience, and a zealous heart--we will make Annexus Technologies the best and largest I.T. conglomerate of the near and distant future...