Video Surveillance and Analytics

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Annexus empowers you to make informed decisions promptly with our video surveillance and analytics solutions. Our video security, video analytics, and access control solutions are built to cater to your security needs.

Annexus Tech is proud to announce our partnership with the global cloud video secu...

Installation & Configuration Servicesc

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 Annexus Technologies has trained professionals to help you set up your systems effortlessly. We specialize in setting up the Hardware Server & Storage and connect you to our dedicated team of industry experts from offshore or on the site. 

We are now extending all year support under ou...

Security-Driven Networking is the need of the hour

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What is Security driven Networking? 

Security-driven networking is the sweet spot where security and networking are weaved together in a single functionality, bridging the gap between the dynamic networks and the static tools that secure the network.
These traditionally disparate functions need t...

Installation & Configuration Services

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Planning for a new IT system installation or an upgrade? If yes, you're definitely at the right place. Annexus can assist you whether you want to deploy a new IT infrastructure or improve efficiency by replacing older equipment. Our team of certified IT experts and technical staff specialize in simi...

Lessons Learned from Security Breaches - How Vulnerable is Your Security during COVID-19?

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Your company's brand is a valued asset, yet it can also make you vulnerable. How? Malware architects often use the trust public has in your brand to their benefit. This happens when they run phishing campaigns under your brand's name. Similarly, they may attempt to counterfeit your products as well....