Lessons Learned from Security Breaches - How Vulnerable is Your Security during COVID-19?

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Your company's brand is a valued asset, yet it can also make you vulnerable. How? Malware architects often use the trust public has in your brand to their benefit. This happens when they run phishing campaigns under your brand's name. Similarly, they may attempt to counterfeit your products as well....

Physical Security Assessments

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Physical Security can be defined as combination of physical and procedural processes that are designed to minimized the risks and secure your people, sensitive information and valuable assets. Deterring, Detecting, Delaying, Responding and Recovering are some of the essential features of any reliabl...

AnnexusTech Free Webinar - Cyber-attack Hyper-Realistic simulation Update

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Our apologies, but due to technical difficulties, we have postponed today's Cyber-attack Hyper-Realistic simulation webinar. The new date is Thursday, October 8th, at 12 pm EST. Register now and learn how to improve cyber security with the best cyber defenders of the world - Cyberbit.


#FREEWEBINAR Cyber-attack Hyper-Realistic simulation

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Every minute, 2 hacking events take place around the world. 66% of all businesses do not have enough confidence in their security protocols to recover from these hacking attacks, while 75% don’t even possess a plan to counter these threats. 


Hacking techniques have advanced to ...

WIFI Assessments

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An organization equipped with Wi-Fi LANs enables the employees to be as mobile as possible, but with the cost of increased difficulty in planning and troubleshooting the infrastructure. 

Annexus Technologies is committed to offering our enhanced services designed to provide you a safe and reliab...