Disaster Recovery Solutions 

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Annexus Technologies provides you with an effective disaster recovery solution to improve business continuity. Our solutions help you recover your system, data and applications when a mishap occurs. It could be a natural disaster or power outage,...

Intrusion Prevention Assessments 

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We, at Annexus, provide expertise you need to counter any software related challenges that may come your way.

Committed to provide you a universe of solutions to tackle both known and unknown threats, we believe, it is of paramount importance to understand all the delicate network requirements, segme...

Equipment and Networking Assessments  

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Is Your Network Up to Speed?   Get a clear picture of your Network Infrastructure



 A Network Assessment gives you a detailed picture of your organization's current network status. Based on that information, network a...

Virtualization Services

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Leveraging our valuable partnership with VMware®; an industry leader in virtualization, Annexus Technologies provides a full suite of virtualization services.

Virtualization is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility—not just for large enterprises, bu...

Rack-Stack Services

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Data center rack integration services 


Annexus Technologies rack enclosures are specially designed to meet or exceed the needs of all kinds of densely populated data center networks. Our rack enclosures can securely house extensive I.T. equipment while offe...

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