Equipment and Networking Assessments 

Is Your Network Up to Speed?  Get a clear picture of your Network Infrastructure

Equipment and Networking Assessments
A Network Assessment gives you a detailed picture of your organization's current network status. Based on that information, network administrators can make their decisions. Annexus Technologies provides Network Assessment Services in Jamaicathat offers an in-depth analysis of your network's design, usage capacity, and optimal performance characteristics. 

We will tell you what needs to be done to make your network lag proof. The statistics we provide can help you in many ways, especially in efficiently managing your internal IT environment. 

Every network needs upgrades sooner or later. Our experts will assess your network to decide if it can support the latest upgrades or not. If not, alternative upgrades will be suggested. They will also find out any hidden bottlenecks that are stopping your network from reaching its full potential.

Once the analysis is complete, you'll receive a detailed document highlighting all shortcomings and suggested improvements. We are focused on serving our clients with the Best Network Security Assessment Services in Jamaica, Canada, Caribbean, the USA, and the UK with a team of trained professional and passionate achievers who are entitled to upgrade, advance, and fulfill all the requirements shared by our clients.



Site survey at primary data center. The survey includes: 


  • Physical environmental state: Hot-Aisle/Cold Aisle, Raised Floor, etc.

  • Current cabling/interconnect layout

  • Rack layout/elevation inventory

  • Room Monitoring: surveillance, access control, leak detection, etc.

  • Physical equipment inventory (vendor, make, model, description)

  • Critical Cooling (i.e. InRow, Chilled Water, CRAC, N+1, N+2, etc.)

  • Power distribution (i.e. individual circuits, surge suppressors, etc.)

  • WAN/ISP connectivity (also demarc locations)


Remote network monitoring survey, which includes:


  • Network devices inventory

  • Current running configurations

  • Logical traffic flows (L2/L3)

  • Management network and configuration analysis


We also run a survey on the management level, which involves:

  • Detailed analysis of the security practices and configuration files' security protocols.

  • Analyze the NMS (Network Management System)

  • Meeting the technical team to understand day-to-day operations management.

  • Meeting the technical team to learn about the tools, processes and troubleshooting sequences.


The last phase involves a complete review and presentation of all recommendations:

  • Description of assessed areas

  • Depicting network traffic through visual graphics and heat maps

  • Analysis report and suggested improvements

  • Remediation report based on statistics

  • BoM for critical hardware replacements required

  • Step by step procedure to bring network to maximum capacity

  • Recommended timeline for network overhaul

  • Full presentation of results to customer


When was your business' most recent network assessment? If it has been over 24 months, we encourage you to consider our network assessment offerings. Contact Annexus Technologies to ensure your organization is positioned for optimal performance and place your search for reliable, trustworthy Equipment And Networking Assessments Services Near me at rest and consider us as your home-company for everything. 

Our packages include everything from basics to essentials so that our clients stay ahead and never look for another firm that serves Network Security Assessment Services in Jamaica or other aforementioned regions. For us, our clients are the biggest assets, and we know how to keep them happy and successful.