Video Surveillance and Analytics

2021.01.15 10:01:50 By Ermin
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Video Surveillance and Analytics

Annexus empowers you to make informed decisions promptly with our video surveillance and analytics solutions. Our video security, video analytics, and access control solutions are built to cater to your security needs.

Eagleeye Devices

Annexus Tech is proud to announce our partnership with the global cloud video security leader, Eagle Eye Networks. This partnership is for the whole Caribbean region and aims to upgrade the traditional video surveillance systems by merging video management to the cloud. 



Eagle Eye Networks, the global leader of cloud video security, announced a partnership with Annexus Technologies for the Caribbean region. 


By moving video management to the cloud, Eagle Eye Networks has changed the traditional surveillance system settings, freeing up business owners from the trouble of using video as a productivity asset instead of a monotonous security chore.

Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System

The Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System is a modern-day cloud security system that promises absolute cloud management coupled with mobile and web-based browser viewing and, last but not least, complete cloud recording. 


The cloud video system has been built as an all cloud from the ground up, allowing you to click and add analog or IP cameras anytime you want. You can also manage how long you want to keep the recordings!


Eagle Eye Camera Bridges (IP & Analog)


The Camera Bridges is crafted to connect all your cameras ranging from analog cameras to IP cameras, through a fast GigE network port. On top of that, it provides you 48 hours of video buffering. The size of the IP-only or analog combination camera bridge depends on the number of cameras, so whether you have 6 cameras or 60 cameras, there is a box that fits your budget and can be easily expanded in the future. You can also use the Eagle Eye Network Cloud Video Management System with all professional IP or analog cameras with very few exceptions.


Eagle Eye Cloud Managed Video Recorders (CMVRs)


Eagle Eye Networks CMVR is available in various sizes and models to meet your camera capacity and storage needs, providing maximum flexibility and optional on-site storage of camera footage. Eagle Eye Networks CMVR allows you to store up to 90 days of SD camera material from 180 or fewer cameras on-premise. Furthermore, we are providing you with a fantastic search and retrieve experience. You can now search and recover your live video easily and quickly from anywhere!


Eagle Eye Networks helps large and small businesses alike. We are focused on delivering quick and safe custom video solutions, which meet their security needs and improve corporate productivity and solve remote management problems. 


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about installing or upgrading a commercial security system or looking to request a free quote.

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