The ultimate guide for setting up home security cameras

2021.03.25 05:46:39 By Ermin
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Keeping your family safe and staying safe from break-ins is the most important concern for people all over the world. Security cameras allow you to keep a check on your property whether you are away or present on premise. 

Home Security Cameras

They are definitely a top choice for capturing action on camera and monitoring any suspicious activity. How to pick a perfect security camera that ensures peace of mind and security for your loved ones: 

1. Show off your cameras!
Research suggests burglars avoid properties with visible cameras. So having a camera on the entrances definitely acts as a deterrence tool. 

2. Pick the right spots

Picking all the right spots (not just the main door) to place your camera device with good lighting and no hidden angles serves the purpose best and makes it harder for trespassers to go out of sight. It is best advised to cover all the entry routes and even less obvious places as they are the first options for attackers. 

3. Enable Motion Detection

Consider cameras with motion detection and smart features since monitoring cameras at all times is not possible and you’re likely to miss out on suspicious activities. These features notify you of important events in a timely manner so you can take quick action.

4. Power Source

Learn about different types of cameras ranging from wireless to battery powered one and make your pick depending on your need. For example, WiFi Cameras will work for fewer hours during colder seasons; therefore the right selection would be to go for 2.4GHz to 5GHz. Similarly,  you should be aware of signal strengths and their effective range for best results.

5. Securing Security Cameras
Although cameras are there for your protection, ensuring your security cameras’ protection is your responsibility. You can protect your camera from hackers by getting WPA or WPA2 routers which ensures data encryption or choosing other safety practices like setting strong passwords and two factor authentication.

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