What is Security driven Networking? 

2021.02.15 18:43:00 By Ermin
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Security-driven networking is the sweet spot where security and networking are weaved together in a single functionality, bridging the gap between the dynamic networks and the static tools that secure the network.

Security Driven Networking

These traditionally disparate functions need to work in harmony to deliver a network that delivers enhanced performance, exceptional user experiences, and reliable connectivity alongside a robust security posture.

Why Security driven Networking?

The traditional security models do not provide a robust and adequate response to probable security threats ensuring safety of critical resources and data as the organisations move forward with ever evolving technologies. A security-driven networking approach enables organisations to move away from isolated IT environments and instead integrate their networking and security under a comprehensive and unified IT infrastructure. Using this approach, organisatons can defend networks, traffic and network-accessible assets against unauthorized access, data loss and cyberattacks even while the underlying infrastructure adapts to changing circumstances.

At Annexus Technologies, we have multiple security solutions that allow you to merge network and security together while adapting to expanding environments and requirements. 

Our Network Security Suite includes:

SSL Decryption
Next Generation Firewalls

We provide you with integrated solutions that can help you scale rapidly in changing network environments. Network experts at Annexus can help you build dynamic and scalable systems, whether an expansion of a new branch office or cloud operations. Remote workers can be Securely added to your Security-Driven Network and we'll take care of the security for you.

Security-Driven Networking the innovative solution

The implications are significant, especially as new technologies emerge like 5G, edge networking, and wireless integrated smart systems, It is time to move to a more innovative and efficient way to provide security. Security-Driven Networking will be a digital innovative way to deploy security. 

So, in a challenging market an organization can continue to operate at the pace they need to compete due to reduced complexity and cost, increased efficiency and security by simultaneously managing networking and security
Take a security-driven approach to networking to improve user experience and simplify operations with Annexus Technologies.

Reach our for a free network assessment today at connect@annexustech.com.
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