Lessons Learned from Security Breaches - How Vulnerable is Your Security during COVID-19?

2020.11.05 13:24:46 By Ermin
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Data security breaches are on the rise during   COVID-19. According to Tessian, 47% employees claimed distractions at home caused them to fall for recent phishing scams.

Lessons Learned from Security Breaches - How Vulnerable is Your Security during COVID-19?

Your company's brand is a valued asset, yet it can also make you vulnerable. How? Malware architects often use the trust public has in your brand to their benefit. This happens when they run phishing campaigns under your brand's name. Similarly, they may attempt to counterfeit your products as well. Your business' digital presence works in their favor since you're engaging on a list of platforms on the web along with social media and mobile apps. Obviously, these engagements bring value to your business and can't be halted. 


Web breaches have almost doubled in the past year, according to Verizon, making it high time to take significant measures. Therefore, guarding your "digital trust" includes your customers having a feeling of security when they engage with your platforms online. It's not only the organizations whose security is at stake, it's individuals as well. COVID-19, the virus, has brought multiple digital viruses and threats along with it as well. Whether it's the client or customer, both are at risk with the recent rise of malicious activities. Below are some of the biggest breaches that occured in the past few months:


  • According to Google, 18 million daily malware emails were being circulated that were based around topics related to COVID-19.

  • Half a million Zoom user accounts were blocked and data was sold on the dark web for as low as $0.5. Accoridng to Cybel, most of these accounts belonged to renowned companies like Chase, Citibank and some educational institutions.

  • A subsequent report on August 25, 2020 from the Jerusalem Post, highlighted that a global Zoom outage caused the postponement of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty by the Arms Control Association

  • COVID-19 response teams' email addresses including 450 active email addresses that belonged to WHO were compromised. 


“The pandemic, and its resulting changes to the business world, accelerated digitalization of business processes, endpoint mobility and the expansion of cloud computing in most organizations, revealing legacy thinking and technologies,” said Peter Firstbrook, VP Analyst, Gartner, during the virtual Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit, 2020.


During the pandemic, most virtual teams have significant amount of employees working remotely from non-traditional locations, brining a new dynamic to the defence against cyber attacks. It is evident that this crisis has fueled cybercrimes since many employees are working from home without adequate security measures or back-ups in place.


Annexus Technologies can equip your virtual teams with just the right infrastructure to deal with the ongoing vulnerabilities of the cyber world. In recent months, we've utilized the following services for our customers to give them added protection:

  • CyBot for automated penetration testing and reporting

  • CyberBit for testing and honing red and blue cyber security skills

  • Comodo Security solution which comprises of MDM, DNS malware security, and endpoint protection
  • WireX for the collection and collation of network traffic, network logs, and access information to enable quick, thorough, and accurate network investigations

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