Top 7 Security Mistakes

2021.03.19 01:31:53 By Ermin
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Spending innumerable amounts of time plus money on cybersecurity techniques is nothing short of a modern-day need. However, despite all the efforts, some practices easily go unnoticed, exposing organizations to unforeseen circumstances that are likely to cause large-scale damage.

Security Mistakes

Annexus Technologies created a list of the most common mistakes we see daily that put enterprises to risk. Find below some of the most common mistakes made by businesses and learn how to be safe:

  1. Keep web browser privacy settings updated: 
    Encourage the use of collaboration tools that are fully downloaded instead of relying on the web. Collaboration tools delivered through a public web browser, expose the users to cookies, unauthorized tracking and malware. 

  2. Passwords: 
    It is best to use new passwords that are never used previously. Also, make use of recovery-keys rather than changing passwords.

  3. Train your employees: 

    Educate both in-house and remote employees on cyber-security. Every employee should be aware of phishing scams, unsecured sites, and what is at stake. At Annexus, we regularly train our staff to demonstrate the best security protocols.

  1. Monitoring privileged access: 

    Exercise tight controls over what information users can see, set alerts so you’re notified promptly on unauthorized access.

  1. Get encrypted solutions: 

    Make sure your chosen encrypted solutions are compliant with the strict standards of companies.

  1. Cut email summaries:

    Instead of relying on e-mail summaries for routines tasks, shift to platforms that provide “recent activities” summaries within the software.

  1. URL-related issues:

    Use customized URL structures to stay protected from hackers who can easily get information about your collaboration app. 

    With growing security demands, it is of utmost importance to have a trusted security partner. We at Annexus, maintain the highest security standards to protect important data at all costs. We are proud to foster a culture of keeping up with the latest trends on collaboration applications and are looking forward to advising you for your secure future.


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