Surveillance and Video Analytics for Banking

2021.06.14 07:15:02 By Ermin

Financial institutions face a number of challenges, from protecting customer data, to remaining PCI compliant, to preventing robberies and vandalism.

Surveillance and Video Analytics

The Banking sector has to stash cash in many branches which are located in both urban and rural areas and security management at so many locations is a strenuous task sometimes it's become complicated to manage large number of cameras which often result in mishap because it generally happens the camera was not in a working condition where incident occurs. Reliable surveillance and video analytics for banking is key to facing – and overcoming – these demands.

Eagle Eye Networks is a 100 percent cloud recording solution that simplifies user management, enables remote monitoring, and provides unlimited scalability. Store your video in the cloud, on-premises, or both for reliability and redundancy.

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Importance of video analytics in the banking and finance sector:

Data security

Through HD video analytics security we can link with record audio and transaction data. Smart video tools are able to detect the loss and have investigation capability to scrutinize suspicious events.

Customer experience

Positive customer experience is a crucial factor in every business. To save the customer time, improve sales, optimizing staff and enhance customer services are some crucial elements in the finance industry which can boost up with our real time video analytics solution.

Robbery prevention

Banks are on the hit list of potential muggers, with our intelligent video analytics that can deter such activity like burglary and robbery and are able to take real-time action through instant notification or alarm. The banking sector can not ignore the real potential of smart video analytics as they can not derive much value with CCTV image and video in the rising demand of safety and security layer of smart AI solutions in conventional CCTV cameras become necessary. It has observed significant growth through AI platforms in the baking and finance sectors. Our smart video technology is a paradigm to advance security and it's high time for the banking industry to embed video analytic effectively and efficiently to harness the potential of ameliorating business.

Why Banks Choose Eagle Eye Networks?

Eagle Eye Networks empowers bank leadership to improve branch performance and operations with a smart video surveillance system that:

  • Enables remote access to streamline security management and give visibility across multiple branch locations

  • Is compatible with over 3,000 cameras including IP, analog, and HD over Coax models

  • Offers flexible pricing plans and free continuous software updates with new tools and features

  • Strengthens security with built-in incident-based alerts and video timestamps

  • Provides insights into any event using advanced analytics, so security personnel can identify and implement quick resolutions

  • Improves emergency response times by pre-designating security access to first responders

Annexus Technologies is a proud partner with the global cloud video security leader, Eagle Eye Networks. This partnership is for the whole Caribbean region and aims to upgrade the traditional video surveillance systems by merging video management to the cloud. 

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