Physical Security Assessment

2021.02.25 09:53:31 By Ermin
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Physical Security can be defined as a combination of physical and procedural processes designed to minimize the risks and secure your people, sensitive information, and valuable assets. 

Physical Security

Any tried and tested security program must involve the initial steps of Deterring, Detecting, and Delaying a malicious attack, followed by Responding and Recovering to make your approach reliable. Some of the notable use cases are; tampering with network barriers, enhancing control measures facing public access, and securing all entry points. 

We take honour in having a list of renowned PSP (Physical Security Professional) certified consultants available at your disposal. You can start a partnership with the team to protect your network and ensure compliance. 

We are currently providing: 

  • Review of facility operating procedures
  • Review of physical security systems
  • Review of electronic security systems
  • Review of architectural security
  • Review of security policies and procedures
  • Review of security management
  • Review of security personnel
  • In-depth review of the current security program, followed by a report on identified vulnerabilities.
  • Development of recommendations for security improvements
  • Estimates of short-term/long-term costs
  • Recommendations and development of an implementation plan
  • Security Assessment Report 

Please feel free to reach out to us at 919-646-2191 or should you need any assistance.  

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