WIFI Assessments

09.09.20 04:18 PM By Ermin

An organization equipped with Wi-Fi LANs enables the employees to be as mobile as possible, but with the cost of increased difficulty in planning and troubleshooting the infrastructure. 

Annexus Technologies is committed to offering our enhanced services designed to provide you a safe and reliable network environment and maintain your confidentiality, integrity, and availability. To ensure secured networks and protect sensitive data, we provide a four-step process, which includes; Discover, Plan, Implement, and Achieve. 


Accredited to assess your existing wireless network and evaluate the support cadence if it can support the planned mobile devices or mobile applications. We guarantee that we will deliver a full report detailing your wireless network's current state along with recommendations for increasing its usability and stability.


Wireless network assessment features:

  • Overall system health assessment

  • Check of system performance

  • Interference from other wireless networks

  • Comprehensive mapping of coverage and density of your wireless network



Annexus uses a comprehensive and repeatable process to create a roadmap toward the successful implementation and future growth of the network. Beyond typical wireless hardware placement and configuration items, our approach also includes future maintenance concerns, network and closet capacity, bandwidth requirements, application requirements, existing infrastructure, and future growth and expansion plans.

Our wireless network design services include wireless network site survey and design, cabling infrastructure site survey and design, conduit/cable tray site survey and design, and closet/cabinet site survey and design.


Annexus defines wireless implementation as the commissioning of the wireless network. We will configure any wireless controllers, update their firmware to the latest code, create any redundancies between multiple controllers, program all access points, associate them with the controller, if applicable, and validate the system's operation. We provide this service regardless of who designed your wireless network. However, having Annexus Technologies design and implement your system will ensure a smooth operational transition


Annexus Technologies is your one-stop solution for wireless network service. Contact us to discuss all wireless network services.

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