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Why you should immediately move your video to the cloud

2022.07.19 10:50:34 By Ermin - Comment(s)

The adoption of cloud-based services, driven mostly by an increase in video monitoring, has been one of the largest security developments over the past two years.


Best Practices to Combat Ransomware

2022.06.24 11:49:52 By Ermin - Comment(s)

The most prevalent cyber threat now plaguing enterprises - ransomware, costs firms millions of dollars in lost revenue annually. The pandemic has only exacerbated the prevalence of ransomware attacks, with the frequency of this kind of cyberattack rising by 600% over the previous two years. This cyb...

What Is Network Segmentation, and Why Should You Care?

2022.04.29 14:55:52 By Ermin - Comment(s)

If you keep up with cybersecurity news, you are probably aware that the cost and occurrence of data breaches continue to rise. Organizations are under continual attack, and the transition to remote labor is intensifying the issue.

We'll talk about network segmentation in this post, covering what it i...

Manage your data landscape with Pure Storage

2022.04.26 08:27:34 By Ermin - Comment(s)

Many organizations lack a well-defined way to manage their data across heterogeneous environments. Some may even take a one-size-fits-all approach, starting with a single cloud and applying that same methodology enterprise-wide. The risks of this shortcut are limited collaboration, governance concer...

Six benefits of virtualization

2021.10.21 08:30:06 By Ermin - Comment(s)

In this article, we examine virtualization in more detail and break down its main benefits.

What is virtualization?

The virtualization computing approach enables a single physical machine to act as multiple virtual computers. Software abstraction layers effectively segment one computer into several “v...

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